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Glass Polishing vs Glass Replacement

Saving Money

Admittedly cost savings for float glass are not very large, but cost savings on laminated, toughened or double-glazed units are considerable, up to 80%. In the case of those large modern sliding door panels that are popular on the waterfront throughout Australia where replacement can easily cost 5-digit sums the cost savings can in some cases approach 99% On average, our industry customers save in excess of 80% on the cost of fitting new replacement glass.

Saving Time

There is only one remaining site in Australia manufacturing glass, even though there are many companies processing the raw float glass sheets. Most glass is manufactured oversees. As a result, lead times for ordering and delivering a particular type of glass are quite long. Our clients tell us that they often amount to 6 weeks or more. Damage on glass is typically not discovered until just before handover. Repairing scratched glass eliminates long lead-times for replacement glass to be produced and delivered to site.

Saving Resources

Repairing scratched glass means less glass needs to be produced, reducing carbon emissions released into the environment. How big is the carbon footprint of glass manufacture? The answer may surprise you. It is considerable. According to O-I Glass the carbon footprint for a standard 335ml glass bottle excluding any recycling, and or disposal is 114 grams of CO2. That corresponds to 760g of CO2 per kilogram of glass or 19kg of CO2 for a standard sliding glass door panel. By contrast 2 hours of glass polishing (2 kWhrs) produces between 1 and 2 kg of CO2. Politics aside, it would have to be reasonably obvious that repairing is greener by far compared to replacing glass.

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